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Only 3G reception - looking for solution

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Only 3G reception - looking for solution

Dear All,


Before I start I'd like to clarify that I invested many hours into browsing the forums for similar problems and answers but found none. At this point I feel relieved of the obligation to search any further and would appreciate if Three made the effort to rectify the issue, as a provider of service which isn't free.


I've had the Three SIM card for a month now. Was given to me by my company as a second SIM for use in Ireland. However the only network the phone ever connects to is 3G. And I mean ONLY. Not most of the time, but all the time, and from day one.

  1. The phone is Honor 8X JSN-L21, which covers all 2/3/4G frequency bands every operator in this country offers. It's 5 months old, works perfectly, and has worked in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and France.
  2. I've been to Dublin, Westmeath, Cork, Mayo, Kildare, Offaly, Roscommon, and several other counties, and NOT ONCE did the situation change.
  3. I've checked the coverage map, which shows that I've been to 4G areas, and in fact my apartment should have a 4G coverage, like the rest of the town.
  4. My manager showed me his phone many times, with identical Three SIM card, connected to 4G, while standing half a meter from myself.
  5. Forcing the phone to connect to 4G only gives a "can't connect" error message, after no more 1 second, then offers to switch back to automatic.
  6. Tried different APN settings, including default.
  7. Yes, I have turned on data transfer, roaming, etc. It's always on.
  8. In addition to my main card, I often use SIMs local to the country I currently am in, this is the only one that makes it a problem to connect to 4G.
  9. Girl at a 3 shop said: "Yeah, well I'm not getting 4G around here either." Not literally, but that was the sense.
  10. Yes, I reset the settings many times over.


This card has unlimited data, and was given to me also for this purpose, as I use a lot of it. Too bad it doesn't deliver. At this point I'm somewhat displeased, but I am willing to try all sensible ideas. Either that or a straight answer - we are unable to make it work for you.



3 Community Admin

@Anonymous  Hi there, thanks for all the details and trying different options to find a fix. I'd like to look into this from the phone number perspective too. Firstly, can you let me know what APNs you're using with your 3 SIM? Secondly, it's interesting that other SIMs connect to 4G in your phone, with that in mind, have you tried your SIM in a different phone, for example, your manager's phone? 

Let me know, I'll keep an eye out for your reply 👍 


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Hello @Three_Deborah,


Thank you for your answer. I'll do both those things tomorrow and let you know what the results were.

Another question just crossed my mind. I spoke to a friend, who uses a 3 card, lives next door, and has full LTE coverage. Checked both our APN configurations (which were different), and he said: "you should have received it in a text message, just check it."

Unfortunately I haven't, but I did find a message from 18th July (the day I got the SIM), which says:
"Your number has been cleared to port from our network. Please call us on 1913 if you have not submitted this request."


It was a new Three SIM card, which I personally broke out of the credit card-sized plastic it comes in. I really can't recall having consciously reading that message not to mention requesting a port to another network. Could that be the source of the problem? Maybe the card's capabilities are being limited in anticipation of the port?


EDIT: So I also checked that APN again, and weirdly enough, it disappears as soon as I change the MNC from 02 (Three GSM, UMTS) to 05 (Three UMTS, L800, L1800). Which would suggest phone treats this APN as irrelevant to current network (i.e. network doesn't match SIM). Was I given a number ported from the old O2, with the wrong MNC hardcoded into the SIM? How can I have this fixed?

The message you received in relation to porting wouldn't have any effect on the data connections. Usually though, when you put a Three SIM into a non-network phone, you'll receive a message to accept data settings. If you take out your SIM card and re-insert it, this message will come through and give you the option to accept. I'd like to check out your account here to ensure everything is set up correctly, can you PM me the number along with the name, address and date of birth registered to the account?