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Slow broadband connection


Slow broadband connection

I live in the countryside just outside of Macroom. Every time the weather gets bad the internet is almost not usable. I work from home, so today is another day where I am unable to perform my job.


Yes, I have done the troubleshooting and yes, I've looked at the coverage map. Coverage obviously is not the issue when I have good speeds on any given day, so what's the solution ?

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@ckubik Hi there 👋 I understand that it's frustrating when your broadband isn't behaving as it should, especially when working from home. Tell me more about the troubleshooting steps you've already taken, the more info I have the better. Also, you may have had a read of All about: Broadband Coverage already, if you haven't then take a look at the tips and tricks there. There's also a list of questions on that article, let me know the answers to those 👌