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Three just doesn't like me...


Three just doesn't like me...

I rejoin the 3Community pantomime.


I am actually user 'sprocket', who, 2-3 weeks ago, was dumped to the 'Complete your profile'  page when I tried logging into the 3Community forum - despite having completed the damn thing years before & having posted on the forum multiple times!  As I could no longer post messages, I re-completed my profile, with a different name ('test') & email address, as the site was adamant that 'sprocket' and the associated email address were already in use...


Although I could post again, it was suggested by a 3Community moderator, that in order to proceed, I should delete the newly-created 'test' profile in order that the 'sprocket' profile could be made usable again.


This I did about 2 weeks ago, only to find that the 'sprocket' profile was as useless as ever - I couldn't login, never mind post - and my only way of accessing the forum ('test') had been deleted.  I immediately got onto Web-chat and tried to resolve the issue that way - I was informed by the person I spoke to that my problem would be given priority-status.  A week on, I've just discovered on trying to login, that I've come full-circle - logging in with the email address & username associated with 'sprocket', I was dumped to the 'Complete your profile' page again!!!  Seeing as I've no way of posting to the forum without going this route, I've once again been forced to complete my profile using a different username & email address.  Thankfully, it allowed me to use the 'test' username & the email address I used with it last time.


So, I'm back!  Frankly this situation is absurd.  How come the combined brain-power of Three cannot sort this simple issue?  How many more weeks of this nonsense am I going to have to endure?  By this stage it's patently obvious that the forum administrators have no clue how to resolve this, so let me make a suggestion.


Simply delete entirely the 'sprocket' & 'test' profiles.  All of my posts to the forum will be deleted as well, but that will be a small price to pay compared to the time I've wasted on this already.

3 Community Manager

Re: Three just doesn't like me...

@test  Hello. I’d hate to delete your ‘Sprocket’ account. Lets see if we can fix this for you. When you are being asked to complete your profile, is it possible to get a screenshot of that page? Also, pop me a PM with the phone number, email address, full name, address and date of birth on the Sprocket account. I may need to pass these details to our tech team, is that ok with you? I know you've been onto our Chat team, I'd like to run my own investigation on this.