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Urgent! 2 months later & upgrade order not arrived

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Urgent! 2 months later & upgrade order not arrived

Hi guys,

I am at my wits end with this one....

Before Xmas (Dec 12th) I ordered an upgrade online of the Huawei B525 router as part of a new package/plan which I also ordered that day. I chose the 18th month unlimited plan at 29.99 per month and as that included a free Huawei B525 router....


I chose the "click & collect" method and it's been a disaster.


It took a whole month to get the plan in place, even though I expressly said not to activate anything until I got the router but this particular rep I spoke to that day did it anyway... So since the middle of January I am now being billed for something I don't have. The bill was due yesterday and has been paid.... but I still do not have my router??? How can it be so difficult to complete an order?

I was also told that it was "policy" that Broadband upgrades could not be completed by staff online but if you look at my account, you can clearly see that on the 16th January a rep called Latif put the 18 month unlimited plan in place... They said that they "hoped" by doing this that the system would dispatch the router... it did not and it seems to have just made everything even more complicated,

No one can help me, I have been given every excuse under the sun. I went to the store I chose the day after I put in the order & it had not arrived. I went back a few days later, and no sign...
Then after Xmas, I began talking with online chat reps who told me a variety of excuses like:
1. "click & collect" doesn't exist??? It does.
2. I was told that the store I chose didn't exist?? It does...
3. I was told that if the "click & collect" didn't dispatch within 14 days, it would be posted to me? I have since found out that is also not true.
4. I was sent back into the store for a 3rd time as one particlar online chat rep insisted it had to be there, it's not & never has been...
There are more gems like that but I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this stage....

I then decided to try and call & hopefully get it sorted with the reps based in LImerick via 1913.
They were certainly more helpful and understanding and have told me they are "trying to sort it out". 

A few things have been clarified, apparently a "glitch" in the system caused all of this and it's been confirmed that no router was ever even dispatched to the store, no tracking number for the router exists, the store did not ever get it, this has been confirmed many times and they certainly have not issued it out.
As if it did end up in the store, I would gladly have gone to collect it, but no it seems that it never left the warehouse. Although the order numbers etc are clearly on my account for all to see.

However, the staff seem to be trying constantly to reverse my existing old order & say I might have to do it all again? If you look at my account you will see that there are at least 4 attempts to do this...
But there is no need!! I don't want to cancel the package, not at all. I just want my order fulfilled and my Huawei B525 router sent to me, thats all. I now seem to be waiting for the "system" to be fixed as opposed to anyone dealing with what should be a very straightforward issue.
The system did not dispatch a router, surely someone has the authority to send me one as I was hounded by Three Sales about this upgrade for months and when I finally did it, it's been nothing but hassle...

I am forced to use an old O2 usb dongle from 2012... Its average speed is (at best) 5mbps, yes just 5.... It is mainly on the 2G network, sometimes 3G but it's too old for this.
If I want to watch videos or stream, I have to open a bunch of tabs the night before in order to let the videos load for the next day.. the dongle can't cope & I can't cope. And now I have been billed for it?

Please, please, please help. Nothing needs to be reversed and it seems it can't be anyway. I do appreciate the guys in Limerick who have tried to help, but no one has sorted it. I was only checking in once a week and last week I was told there was no point in calling as they would be in touch when the "system" was fixed as apparently this has never happened before and I couldn't do anything that I just had to wait??? How long and why do I have to wait for a router I ordered, and am paying for?

I already said that I would prefer the router to be posted to me now as it seems that because the "click & collect" system is automated, I would prefer a person to look after it and organise that I receive my order as its now 2 months since I started this all.

Please help me & also please look at what has been attempted on my account already by the IT dept. It's not working and it's pointless.  So please, do not ask the IT Dept to reverse the order again, they have tried to do this already a bunch of times.
The most simple way to look at this is that for some technical reason, the order didn't dispatch. The plan didn't kick in that day (it was done a month later by a member of staff online) and there is no router.

I appreciate those who have tried to help already but if you are reading this and can't help, please just forward it to someone who can. 

Thanks again to those who have tried already & hopefully this can be sorted asap. I was originally guaranteed that my router would be instore within 24 hours & 2 months later, I am ready to explode ( as is my poor old dongle!) and now my bill is a mess too.

Sorry for the wordy post but it's been so stressful and I have had to explain this so many times... I am frustrated and fed up and would appreciate assistance. I am a long term customer & this is my first upgrade, I never knew it would be such a drama.

Hope to hear good news soon
Very best

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@butterflyz Hi Susan, I've read your post and I thank you for taking the time to explain this experience. I'd really like to help you here. While you've included some important details here, I do need your personal details to investigate this further. Can you please send me a PM with your full name, address and date of birth, along with your broadband number? This will allow me to access your account and we can go from there. 

Hi Deborah,
Thanks so much for getting back to me, I really appreciate it.
I sent you the PM there with the info needed, I just hope you can help! Talk soon

No bother at all. Your situation is very curious and I'll do my best to help. I'll get back to your PM soon.