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"4G" broadband


"4G" broadband

I've had the "4G" broadband for a couple of weeks now. The best speed I've gotten (in Waterford City) is 2.5 MBPS. Idk how this can be called 4G. Not able to use any of my consoles on this wifi because the connection isn't even close to fast enough. And this was the main reason I got the broadband in the first place. On call with chat 2 times and the response is - turn it off and turn it back on. I see loads of people have the exact same problem as me here. Something needs to be done about this. Your website states a max speed of 10mbps download for a 4G connection (which is still extremely low) per day. I've monitored my speed over the week at different times. NEVER have I seen this speed on my "4G" broadband
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@Mohanks Good morning, lets take a look at this for you. Have you checked your Eircode on our coverage checker to see if you're in a 4G area? Also, I know you mention that you've rebooted your router already but take a look at this great blog too for other tips and tricks on improving your signal πŸ‘‰ click here 


The coverage checker says I should get 4G coverage indoors - the signal on my router is full as well. I have tried all the solutions listed. There was one point during my first ticket where the the speed went up to 20 MBPS, which was promising, but went back to 1 MBPS a few minutes later. The whole reason I got the router was to be able to connect my consoles and play online. With speeds like this, the consoles won't connect due to low/unstable speeds.

@Mohanks I'd like to take a look at that ticket if that's ok with you? Pop me a PM with your number, full name, address and date of birth so I can check it out πŸ‘




Out of curiosity, are your speeds always as low as 2mbps? Or is it just between 6-11pm?

Gonna save you the bother of jumping through hoops with customer services. They girls here will do their best for you but when you get to the IT section after a long time of going round in circles, they will tell you that 2mbps is an acceptable speed. This was my experience. You will have the same. Many others have the same experience. It's a national issue that three will do nothing about. I personally feel it's on purpose. Call me paranoid. I was receiving 100mbps+ before this unexplainable issue has started.

Hope I save you some hassle.

Always been about 2 MBPS.

How is 2mbps acceptable for a 4G connection though? Aren't there any standards that they need to be healed accountable to?
Technically, these aren't the performances that were promised , since they market the wifi as "4G"

Apparently anything above 1mbps is acceptable. This is considered enough to comply with comreg regulations. So they can drop it to 1-3mbps for the entire country and not be breaking these regulations. Of course they will deny that they are doing this but they are.

Their terms and conditions specifically say this. The "at least once in any 24 hours" has never happened, so should be. A breach of terms and conditions right?

I've copied over the text from their terms.

Contractual speeds - Regulation (EU) 2015/2120

The estimated maximum upload and download speeds achievable at least once in any 24 hour period in realistic usage conditions (the β€œContractual Estimated Maximum Upload and Download Speeds”) under your agreement(per technology) made available by Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited and Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited are as follows:

Estimated max. (download) 4G: 10Mbps

Unfortunately (for me and many others) they will boost the speeds back up in the wee hours of the morning. For example check your speeds at 2am. That covers the 'at least once in 24 hours'. That is why I asked you are these speeds always bad for you?

For what it's worth I comply agree with you but I am just trying to save you the bother of empty promises to 'solve your problem', they won't.