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Data Roaming Support

Data Roaming Support


Data roaming is the term we use when you browse the internet on your phone while abroad (when not connected to wi-fi). You use data every time you use the internet on your phone – whether you’re checking email or streaming music.


Depending on your plan, you may have an allowance of data to use abroad. For example, some of our plans include an EU roaming allowance. If your plan does not include a roaming allowance, or if you go over your allowance, you will be charged for all data use.


You can check out our roaming rates at


For more information on data roaming, check out our Roaming with Three blog, which features handy tips such as how to turn on and off data roaming when abroad. You can also check out our Roaming Troubleshooting guide


If you have questions about your roaming allowance, or if you're having issues roaming, contact us here