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Once Off Charges

Once Off Charges


A once off charge is a charge that doesn't normally appear on your bill.It doesn't apply every month and will only apply in some circumstances. 


You can find out more about once off charges below.


Direct Debit Unpaid 
If you pay your bill by Direct Debit and the payment doesn't go through, a Direct Debit Back Out fee will appear on your bill. This costs €10.16 plus VAT.


If you see this on your bill you should contact your bank to find out why the Direct Debit didn't go through.


If your Direct Debit or Credit Card details change, contact us at to get these updated. This will prevent a Direct Debit Back Out fee appearing on your bill.


Cancel Contract Fee

If you cancel your number or move it to another network before your contract is up a Cancel Contract Fee (or Early Termination Fee) will appear on your bill.


This is calculated by multiplying the time remaining in your contract by your monthly line rental fee. 

SIM Replacement

You can get two free SIM replacements each year.


If you get more than two SIM replacements you'll be charged €15.24 plus VAT for every additional SIM replacement.