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What is a Premium Text?

What is a Premium Text?


Premium Texts are subscription services to competitions and offers or ringtones/games that you buy by charging the cost to your phone bill or credit.


You are charged every time you receive a Premium Text.


They usually come from a 5 digit number.


How do I cancel/unsubscribe from 'premium texts'?


Text STOP to the 5 digit number that you are getting the texts from.


If you can't find the 5 digit number or texting STOP didn't work visit the Phone Smart number for help.


Can I get a refund for the Premium Texts I was charged for?


You must contact the provider of the service for any questions about refunds. 


How do I ensure I'm not charged for Premium texts again?


Read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you buy anything online, on your phone or enter any competitions.


If the Terms and Conditions say this is a subscription service you will be signed up to receive texts once a day or week.