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Marketing Preferences

Marketing Preferences


Calls and Texts from Three

Occasionally Three may contact you about our latest offers, or if you are due an upgrade.


If you want to change how we contact you, you can update your Three marketing permissions and preferences anytime via My3. Go to Permissions & Preferences and tick/untick the relevant boxes. Alternatively, contact us at and we can update your preferences for you.  


Premium and Third Party Services

If you are receiving premium service texts from a third party, text back STOP to the five digit number you are receiving texts from. It may take between 24-48 hours for the company to unsubscribe, after which you should no longer receive any messages from them. For further info, see Premium Rate Services


Data Protection

Three has always had a strong culture of Data Protection compliance. We have dedicated Data Protection team and all our staff receive regular Data Protection training. Three is fully compliant with GDPR. 


Three’s privacy notice gives details on how and why we use customer data. It is available at