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Repair Broken Phone

My phone is broken. Can I get it repaired?


Sending Your Phone For Repair


You can send your phone for repair from any Three Store as long as you bought the phone from us.


If you are sending an Apple iPhone for repair you must turn off Find My iPhone.

If your phone is under warranty there is usually no charge to repair it.

If there is a charge for repairing your phone we'll ask you if that's ok before we repair it.

Where possible, we can give you a loan phone while your phone is being repaired. You'll need to pay a deposit but you'll get this back when you return the phone.


Tracking Your Repair


You can track the progress of your repair by clicking here.


You'll need your repair reference number and the IMEI of your phone. These will be on the document you got from the store when you sent your phone for repair.


When your phone has been repaired we’ll text you to let you know that your phone is ready to be collected.


If you have any questions about getting your phone repaired you can chat live with an agent here by clicking on any of the chat buttons available on this page.

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