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Topping up in the My3 App

Topping up in the My3 App


Instant Top up


The Instant Top Up facility allows you to top up either your account or a friend's account in a matter of minutes. The steps are simple

1. Log into your My3 Account app.

2. Tap TOP UP and then Instant Top up.

3. Next enter the mobile number that you are looking to top up.

4. Hit Continue.

5. Choose the top up amount and tap Pay by Card.

6. Enter your credit/debit card details.

7. You can also request to have the top up receipt sent to an email address. To request this just ente the email address in the email address field.

8. Hit Pay By Card to complete the transaction. The credit amount will be automatically applied to the account. 


Voucher Top Up


Top Up Vouchers can be bought in any Three store and any retail store displaying the Three logo.

Once you have the voucher:


  1. Log into the My3 Account app.
  2. From the My3 Dashboard, Tap TOP UP.
  3. Select Voucher Top Up
  4. Choose whether you would like to top up your own account or a friend's account.
  5. Enter the voucher code in the space provided.
  6. Hit Top up now to complete the transaction. 


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