Troubleshooting Roaming Issues


If you are experiencing issues with roaming, check that:


  • Data roaming is enabled on your handset.
  • You are connected to our preferred Roaming partner. To do this manually select the network.
  • You are dialling the correct number for that particular country i.e. you are including the international country code before the number e.g. 0044 for the UK, 0049 for Germany etc. 
  • Your device is compatible for use in that region for example if you were roaming in the US you would need a Tri-Band Support device.
  • You have credit on your phone (prepay customers only). 
  • Your account has been setup to allow you to roam internationally. To double-check this, call one of our customer agents on 1913 or chat with a member of our customer care team. 





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