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Huawei B315 Mobile Wifi Router

Huawei B315 Mobile Wi-Fi Router


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Key Features & Specifications

Setting up your Device Name for First Time Use






Key Features & Specifications:


  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 4G enabled
  • Connects up to 32 devices
  • Coverage area: up to 250 metres


  • 512 MB Flash,256 MB Memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 180 mm x126 mm x38mm
  • USB 2.0 port for HDD, flash drives, network storage devices and printers

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Setting up your Huawei B325 for first time use


Step 1: Insert your SIM Card


  1. Slide off the card slot cover.
  2. Insert the SIM card into the card slot. Ensure that the beveled edge of the SIM card aligns with that of the card slot.
  3. Close the card slot cover.

Step 2: Connect the Huawei B325 to your computer

Things to Note:


  • To prevent interference caused by radio signals, place the B315 at least 1 meter (3.28 feet) away from telephone and other electrical devices.
  • Use only the power adaptor supplied by the manufacturer for this device.

A) Connect the Huawei B325 to your computer using a network or LAN cable


  1. Plug the Ethernet or LAN Cable to LAN Port 1 on your B315 Router. Plug the other end into your PC or Laptop
  2. Power on the B315 router.


B) Connect the Huawei B325 to your computer using Wi-Fi


1: Enabling Wi-Fi on the B315
When the Wifi indicator is steady on, the Wi-Fi function of the B315 is turned on. The Wifi indicator looks like:


Note: For details about how to manually enable or disable the Wi-Fi function, refer to the WLAN settings section of the help information on the web management page.


2: Recording the SSID and Wi-Fi key
The default SSID and Wi-Fi key are printed on the bottom of the mobile device. Record this information.


3: Setting up a Wi-Fi connection


  1. From your Wi-Fi enabled PC or Laptop, scan for wireless networks in your area.
  2. Connect to the network name that matches the SSID found on the device label.
  3. When prompted for the password, enter the Wi-Fi Key found on the device label. (The
    Wi-Fi key is case sensitive.) Your computer or laptop will notify you when it is connected.


Step 3: Configuring the B315 (using the Web Management Page)

After the computer or laptop is connected to the B315 through Wi-Fi or LAN port, you can then configure the B315 using the Web Management Page


To open up the Web Management Page:


1.  Open up a browser window on the laptop or PC and enter the below URL:

2. Enter the following user name and password combination:
Username: admin
Password: admin


The web management page will then be displayed.

3. Follow the quick setup wizard to check or set network connection parameters step
by step. For details, see the help information on the web management page.

4. Once you are done, try opening a web page on the client to verify whether you have
Internet access.


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What can I do if I cannot log in to the web management page?

1. Check whether the B315's power indicator is steady on. If not, power on the B315.
2. Check whether the connection between the client and B315 is working properly.

  • If the client is connected to the B315 using a network cable, check whether the LAN/WAN indicator is steady on or blinking.
  •  If the client is connected to the B315 through Wi-Fi, go to the Wi-Fi connection
    page to check the connection status.

3. Check that the client is set to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS server


What can I do if the B315 cannot access the Internet?
1. Check whether the B315's power indicator is steady on. If not, power on the B315.

2.Go to the B315's web management page to check the network status.

  • If no SIM card is detected, power off the B315 and disconnect the power adapter, reinstall the SIM card and try again.
  • If PIN code is not verified, enter the PIN code as required, and try again.
  • If no network is available, move the B315 to an appropriate place, such as beside the window, to get better signal, and try again.
  • If the dial-up connection failed, make sure the APN and account information are correctly set, and try again.

3.If the problem persists, please contact us


Why am I unable to access Wi-Fi on a client?


  • Check whether the B315's indicator is steady on. If not, go to the B315's web management page to enable the Wi-Fi function.
  • Check whether the client is within the range of the B315. If not, adjust the placement of the B315.
  • Check whether the Wi-Fi password is correct. Note that the Wi-Fi password is case sensitive. The default password is printed on the label at the bottom of the B315.
    To change the password, go to the web management page.
  • Check whether your client's network adapter supports 802.11b/g/n. If not, the client cannot connect to the B315.
  • If the problem persists, restart your B315 or restore it to its factory settings. Note that restoring your B315 will erase all your customized settings.


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