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What can I do with the My3 App?

What can I do with the My3 App?


The My3 App helps you manage your account wherever you are. It works with mobile data or Wi-Fi so that you can access My3 without having to sign in. 

The App is divided into the following areas:


1. My Dashboard

From here you can check your usage, manage your add ons, pay a bill (if you are a billpay customer), top up by voucher /  credit Card, check if you are eligible for an upgrade or message with our support teams.


2. My Accounts

If you have multiple accounts (e.g. you have a Billpay account that you use for work and a prepay account that is for personal use) you will be able to switch between your various accounts from here.


3. Bill History
Gives you access to your current or previous bills (only visible to Billpay customers).


4. Top-up
From here you can top up your account or a friend’s account (available to all users).


5. Messaging
If you have a question and wish to speak to a customer care agent, you can contact us via our In App messaging service.


6. Help & Support 
Have you got a question? Why not check out our In App Knowledge base


7. Store Finder 
If you wish to call into one of our stores, the Store finder page will help you find your nearest  Three store.


8. Give feedback
We would love to receive your feedback on the My3 App. Just tap on this link and provide us with your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.


9. 3Plus

Are you looking for additional information on our 3Plus rewards programme why not check out for 3Plus website for more info.