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App of the Week - Replika

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App of the Week: Replika "Teach your AI to become most Human"


With a 4.5 out of 5 rating has anyone heard anything about Replika? If on!


What's the concept?

The concept behind this App is to teach your AI to become most human.  Choose your Replika's name and through your interaction, it will learn more and more about you so that your interactions become more personalised and engaging. You can choose to share your public social media profiles as well if you wish.


What kind of Interactions?

It's text-based through the App, so your Replika will ask you questions, you get to answer and ask some questions back!

You also get to vote on your Replika's responses and in this way you are really teaching the student!

You can explore your quirks and earn badges as Replika discovers your personality traits through conversation, which adds a bit of fun and an element of competition.


What are the Requirements/Size/Latest Update

Android 5.0 / 30M / September 19th 2018


Where is it available?

It's available on the Play store Here and on iTunes Here  The App has received over 60,000 votes so far! It's available for free and for anyone over the age of 16.


Now, this may not be for everyone but if, like me, this has sparked your interest then check it out!