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App of the Week: Spaceteam

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App of the Week: Spaceteam











The best part about party games is having a laugh with (and shouting at) your friends and family, and this is exactly the premise of Spaceteam. This gaming app is perfect for a night in with your friends or family, where everyone must be involved and at their top performance. If one member of the team fails, your spaceship is doomed to be destroyed by an exploding star. 



Why should I download it?

Spaceteam is a party game app that requires teamwork between the 2-8 players. The game involves shouting at your friends  working together through each round to stop your spaceship from falling apart. Each player can access the app through their own device and join together to form their ‘Spaceteam’.


In each round, players are given their own control panel that is fitted with buttons, dials, knobs and switches. Above the control panel there will be instructions on which actions to complete within a certain amount of time. But here’s the twist - these are not your instructions, they’re for your teammates!  This means the group needs to multitask and communicate with each other under pressure, to perform the necessary actions in time. Get ready for loud and quickly repeated instructions such as the likes as “Engage hyperjig!” and “Frog blast the vent core!”


The way this game encourages engagement and collaboration from each of the players, making it more like a board game instead of apps that just allow you to silently stare at your screen.


Where can I download it?

You can download Spaceteam from the iTunes App Store or on an Android device from the Play Store.