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Bebo is returning

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Last week Bebo announced that they were making a comeback this month. Back in the early noughties, Bebo was THE social media platform and our Whatsapp groups have been ringing with this news since the announcement was made.


Originally launching all the way back in 2005 by Michael and Xochi Birch, Bebo was sold to AOL in 2008 for a massive €850 million. 5 years later they bought the company back for a mere €1 million with plans to reinvent the site.


Since then, Bebo has been acquired by Amazon’s Twitch streaming platform but the Birch’s retain the right to the brand.


Michael has been busy coding during lockdowns and is almost ready to relaunch Bebo as a live social networking site. While we’ve been told that some of the old features will return, we won’t be logging into an exact replica of the old favourite.


Here are some features we’d love to see in the 2021 Bebo version:


  • Profile Views
  • Luvs ❤️
  • Top Friends List
  • Animations
  • Avatars
  • Background scenes


Will the new look Bebo be able to compete with the big social media platforms already available today? Time will tell. Your moderators will be sure to check it out once available and report back 👍