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Is there such a thing as ageless tech in this fast-paced world? Software, devices, and gadgets are constantly being reinvented. Smart phones, smart TV, smart hubs and smart homes and watch out; the days of switching on the emersion are numbered! All these upgrades and updates are keeping us on our toes for sure.

Taking a look at the people who use tech, isn’t that nearly everyone? Indeed it is, and believe it or not there are two distinct categories of digital ages . I’ve thrown in an extra one that I’ve made up but it makes sense 😉


  • Digital natives: generally people under 25 who have grown up with computers, smartphones and of course, access to the Internet.
  • Digital immigrants : reserved for those over 25-ish, who have learned to include tech in their lives
  • Digital Dabblers: ahh this one is for the over 65-ish, who use tech and the Internet as a last resort but see the advantages of modern tech.

One category doesn’t fit all and that’s never been truer! Have you had an encounter with somebody who could be perceived as a digital dabbler but is actually digital native? Probably!


Mrs. Mac is a family neighbour and was at least 90 when I was a teenager, and she hasn’t aged since then. By golly, she is a tech genius . A few months ago, I passed her house and saw her in the garden, of course, I asked her did she need anything from the shop. The response:


“One moment, young Deborah, I have to shout at Alexa”.


She popped her head in her door and demanded her shopping list from her Lexy. Then she requested her reminders, in case she needed something from the pharmacy. What should we be baffled about here, the fact she called me “young” or she was well-informed about Alexa? She went on to tell me she set up a “heating” app on her phone, because it’s easier for her. She also said that she finds it just marvellous that Alexa tops up her phone too 👇


All About: Alexa Top-Up 


Besides destroying the categories above, this supposed “digital dabbler” confessed to being a Social Media addict; 5 tweets, posts a day and that she is proud to have 1K followers. Then came the final comment:


“ I’m off now, I have a to take part in a battle in our COD group”


Yes, this immortal said COD instead of Call of Duty. All of this has me convinced that Mrs. Mac falls into a brand-new category of “Ageless Tech”, and this should be the only category 💪


Do you have a neighbour like Mrs.Mac or maybe somebody who is the total opposite? Let us know in the comments below 💻🖱⌨️