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Style on a Budget - Samsung J4 Plus and Huawei P Smart

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Style on a Budget - Samsung J4 Plus and Huawei P Smart

Are you considering purchasing a new phone? How about the Samsung Galaxy J4+ or the Huawei  P Smart? Both phones pack a punch especially when you consider the affordable price - €199.99 for the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus and €169.99 for the Huawei P Smart.


Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus was released in October 2018


sam J4 Plus.png



The J4+ display screen measures at 6.0 inch full HD



The OS is Android 8.1.  9.0 is the latest so you’ll have to check for available updates to move to the 9.0 (Pie)



Internal memory is 32GB and it is capable of storing  512GB with the micro SD.



The rear camera is 13MP with LED Flash and panorama. The front camera is a decent 5.5 MP.


Battery Life

Nowadays, one of the most frequently asked question we all have when purchasing a phone is the battery life; the J4+ has a large 3300mAh which is a great battery! Of course, how long it’ll last really depends on how you use your phone. My phone has a 3300 mAh as well and I get well over a day on a full charge but I am a very heavy user, my phone might as well be surgically attached to my hand!



The J4+ Speakers  are Dolby Atmos sound and believe me this really makes a difference to the quality of sound. I notice this most when I’m watching movies because it renders the audio objects in real-time so that each sound is coming from its designated spot. 


Extra Features:

Fingerprint (side-mounted) sensor for the extra phone lock security




Huawei P Smart (Available in Aurora Blue and Midnight Black)

The Huawei P Smart (2019) has a large display measuring at 6.21” slightly bigger than the Samsung J4 Plus. Having held both in my hand, the size difference is not noticeable, both screens are large which is perfect if you like to use your phone to browse the web and stream movies!


Huawei Aurora Blue Front.PNGhuawei Aurora Blue back.PNG


The Huawei P Smart Display measures at 6.21inch.



The OS is Android 9.0 (Pie) so it has the latest software already installed!



Memory is 32GB with expandable storage up to 512 GB using a micro SD.



The rear camera is 13 MP but the front-facing camera is 16 MP! Perfect for those Selfie lovers! This really surprised me, considering how reasonably priced the phone is. The Huawei P Smart Video quality is on par with the Samsung J4 Plus - 1080p.



The battery is 3400 mAh which is similar to the J4+ (slightly larger) The battery life is excellent and surprisingly it’s better than quite a few of the flagship phones!



Speaker quality is not Dolby Atmos Sound quality, like the J4 Plus, but it has active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic. It still gives you quality sound it just feels a bit less of a surround sound experience.


Extra Features:

Fingerprint (rear-mounted) having used both a side and rear mounted sensor, I found the rear mounted sensor more comfortable. This is just a personal preference, using the side mounted sensor wasn’t uncomfortable by any means.


To round up, the Samsung J4 Plus and the Huawei P Smart are big, affordable and have some features you might not expect! Interested? Great! You can purchase these phones right now on our online shop here 👉 Samsung J4 Plus   and  Huawei P Smart