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Tip of the Week: Hidden Gems

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When somebody says Easter Eggs, do you think of Chocolate Easter Eggs? You know where this is going, right? Well, I immediately think of tech and film. These worlds are full of little surprises; hidden games, references, cameos and quirky jokes. Searching for these Easter Eggs can lead you on a good hunt. The list is endless but here’s a few for you to check out 👍 Who knows what Easter Eggs will appear in tech today?



Android: For some time now, an Easter egg game is hidden in the settings. Try this out; go to settings > about phone > android version; tap on this a few times and a new screen appears. Spin the dial 3 times to activate the game. There are a few more steps after that. Have fun 🐱

iOS: Siri is humourous and each of us has a favourite which is down to personal choice. However, do you use the “reading list” feature? You might have noticed that the icon is a pair of glasses, but did you know these are a nod to Apple’s late and great Steve Jobs who wore a rounded pair of glass?


Virtual assistants:

Both Alexa and Google Home are full of funny Easter Eggs. A lot of the Easter Egg questions are uniform across both devices but the jury is out on which VA is funniest. Have a go yourself, and let us know your favourite in the comments below.

  • Are we in the Matrix?
  • What’s the first rule of fight club?
  • Open the pod bay doors.
  • Beam me up

Here are some recommendations from the youngsters in my household also known as the Internet Wizards:

  • Do you like chocolate?
  • Would you like some water?
  • Are you ticklish?
  • Give me a hug
  • Give me a kiss

Google Chrome

Where oh where do I start? There are so many! Of course you’ve heard of Askew, Barrel Roll, Google Sphere let’s not forget the fantastic Google Doodles and “I feel lucky”. If not try them out 😊

  • Knowledge panel icons: These appear and disappear, one of my favourites was Thanos’ gauntlet but it’s not available anymore 🤔 My current favourites have to be Friends + name of character and Green Hill zone. Have a go and click on the icon in the panel. Have the sound on 🤣




  • Old school games: Pop Pac Man, Tic Tac Toe or Solitaire into the search bar and the first result is the option to play the game. WARNING: Do not do this while working, although the games are ancient, they are addictive and will distract you from your tasks.
  • If you do get distracted and need to focus, search for “breathing exercise”. Just click play 👍 It’s also a handy search for those of us that work on computers all day. It’s a good 1 minute exercise to use between moving from one task to another.


Don’t know about 3Community members but I nearly lost my life when I saw Anakin’s shadow in Attack of the Clones. Staying with Star Wars, how about the nod to Steven Spielberg’s ET from his friend George? And vice versa, a nod to George Lucas’ Star Wars in Raider of the Lost Ark. Check out the hieroglyphs and the Obi Wan bar. Oh and Easter eggs in The Mandalorian.

Don’t get me started on the huge number of teasers in the Marvel Universe except for cameo appearances, top of the list has to be Stan Lee and his final one in Affinity Wars along with oooppppppss I’ll stop, verging on spoilers Hint: little Harley from Iron Man.



Are you a tech/film Easter egg hunter and have some hidden surprises to share?

Do you feel strongly about which is the best virtual assistant ( Alexa or Google home) ?

Let us know in the comments below 👇