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Tip of the week : How to avoid spoilers

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We all know the feeling of trying to avoid spoilers of upcoming films and TV shows which is nearly impossible in the world of social media where this information is so easy to find or accidentally stumble upon. The usual suspects for spoilers are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where the majority of users want to tell the world what they thought about the latest episode or the season finale and don’t give a second thought to those who have not seen it yet! Tut tut


We desperately dodge conversations at work, put on our headphones while waiting in the checkout queue and switch the radio off in the car. But have you ever wondered how to avoid spoilers on Social Media?  Apart from going dark for a few days which doesn’t really suit my lifestyle, I found a few solutions that might help you to remain active on social media without the risk of ruining the build-up to an episode you’ve been dying to see. You're welcome 😊



Here you have the option of blocking those tweeters that should come with a Spoiler Alert  Label and this means you won’t see anything they tweet but you’ll instantly unfollow them as well. So when the time comes to unblock the account, you’ll need to follow again. That might be a bit harsh though. Enter your second choice – Muting! Muting allows you to block certain keywords and hashtags.  Another point to note here is that when you block somebody, they’ll get a notification, whereas with muting they don’t. Less harsh for sure!


For more info:  Twitter Help



You can mute and block accounts and filter comments on Instagram. Filtering comments happens to be very easy. I’m not one for Instagram and I was able to do it struggle-free!  Pop into your settings and switch on manual filter, throw in the keywords or phrases that might spoil your upcoming viewing, and bingo! You won’t see any posts that include those phrases.


For more info: Instagram Help



Here you really need to know your friends and the pages you have liked or are following. You’ve got to predict where these possible spoilers or unwanted posts in your newsfeed comes from. Then take pre-emptive measures to evade unsolicited details about your favourite film or series. The options include; to unfollow, block, hide or snooze all those who dare post spoilers. Snoozing for 30 days seems to work well for most. Again I find the nicest way to avoid spoilers on Facebook is to unfollow but the choice is yours.


For more info: Facebook Help


There are so many social media platforms out there, if you have any suggestions on how to avoid spoilers on other popular apps/websites (other than throwing your phone into a deep well) then please share it below!.