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Weekly Tech News: Sony Xperia XA1, KFC smartphone and more

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In the world of tech, a lot can happen in seven days. This week we look at the Sony Xperia XA1's launch on, PayPal coming to Apple devices and a KFC smartphone.


Sony Xperia XA1 Released



The Sony Xperia XA1 has just arrived on With a slick look and 5” edge-to-edge glass screen, the XA1 looks fantastic. We particularly love the photo quality of this smartphone, which boasts a 23MP camera with Exmore RS for mobile sensor and F2.0 lens, as well as an 8MP front camera and super-fast autofocus. This means more pixels, more light and more high-quality images.

The XA1 also has a super quick charge and Stamina Mode, which prolongs battery life. It has a USB Type C charger, 32GB internal memory and a Micro SD slot for up to 256GB external memory.

The Sony Xperia  XA1 ticks all the boxes – get it now on prepay for only €269.99 with All You Can Eat Data from or at your nearest Three store.


iPhone users can now use PayPal      paypal-logo.png

Previously, iOS users could only purchase music and apps on iTunes and the App Store using a debit or credit card, but this has just changed. PayPal has now become a payment option for iPhone and iPad users– a surprising move since Apple usually tends to avoid collaborating with third party services.

Apple customers who prefer using PayPal can now change their payment method by going onto their iTunes and clicking Account > View My Account. To change your payment method on your iPhone (iOS 10), go to Settings and tap your name. From there, go to Payment & Shipping, edit your payment details, and tap Save.

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KFC unveils smartphone



Yes, you read that right – KFC, known for its fast food, not technology – has just released a smartphone in collaboration with Huawei, Mashable reports. The limited edition KFC Huawei 7 Plus is red with the Huawei logo and an image of Colonel Sanders on the back cover and has been released exclusively in China to celebrate KFC’s 30 years in the country.

For only $161, the smartphone comes with a fingerprint scanner, 32GB internal memory and support for a 128GB Micro SD card. And here’s the USP – the phone will come with a pre-installed KFC app called K-Music, which allows the user to pick the songs they want to hear in one of KFC’s 4000 restaurants in China. So if you’re a big fan of fried chicken and love the idea of having a digital jukebox in your pocket, this could be the phone for you.

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