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Where can I find my PIN2 code?


Where can I find my PIN2 code?



I recently moved to a newer phone. I want to block all outgoing calls on this phone, but I need the PIN2 for this.

I have had the account with Three for many years, but I do not have my original documentation.


To move to the newer phone, I was sent out a nano-sim and the phone is working well. However, other than the code that was printed on the holder for the SIM, there was no other documentation. I can of course supply this number and the IMEI for the phone if necessary.


Where can I get my PIN2 code?




3 Community Manager

@EamonnShanahan Good morning 👋 I'm wondering have you found your PIN2? If not, send me a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth and I'll find out for you. 


Hi Deborah,


My practice manager was able to find the PIN2 code for me; and I was able to carry out the changes I w

wanted to the phone.


Thank you for getting back to me.


Eamonn Shanahan


@EamonnShanahan Hi there 👋 I'm delighted you got what you needed and I'll pass on your thanks to @Three_Deborah 😃