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€20 being removed every month despite legacy plan


€20 being removed every month despite legacy plan

Dear Three

Can you please let me know who I can email or PM about my Prepay account.

I've tried Live Chat, they always promise to fix the issue and then nothing happens.

Basically, I am on the plan called 3 Pay which I believe is now a 'legacy plan'.

I top up by €20 every 28 days (used to be 30) and my credit would always roll-over.

A few months ago, I started getting notifications that €20 Euro would be removed from my credit and this happens now every month.

This did not always happen and I did not change my plan at any time or make any such account changes.


Can you please clarify what is happening and /or arrange for my previously debited credit to be refunded to my account.

Many thanks.

3 Community Manager

Re: €20 being removed every month despite legacy plan

@SouthWest Hello 👋 I'm happy to take a look at this for you. Tell me, what exactly does the text message that you're receiving say? I'm wondering if you have credit on your account for more than 180 days that may be expiring? Let me know 👌