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Call credit zero

Call credit zero

Have the BeFree Internet T&Cs changed recently? For the past couple of years I've topped up €20 every now and again (certainly not every 28 days) to get my next 7.5G of data, but I never lost any call credit when my data expired.


My data credit expired yesterday, when my call credit was €12.78. Although I managed to send a couple of texts today, I've just been informed my call credit is now zero, and I've just had to top up again. Is this what's supposed to happen (and if so, why has it never happened before), or is something else going on?


Re: Call credit zero

It's a 28 day plan since last year. Id say your credit went on internet after your plan ran out

Re: Call credit zero

It didn't. I turned off my data 2 days before the plan expired (due to the issues I was having in this thread), and my usage log on the website confirms that no data was used between last Saturday, and my having to top up again yesterday.




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Re: Call credit zero

Hi @scottishwildcat


As  Chilli_Pepper advised, we have indeed made a change to the plan period, it has reduced to 28 days. I'll be happy to check out these charges for you.


Can you PM me (link in my signature) with your number, name, address and date of birth and I'll take a look?




Re: Call credit zero

I know it's 28 days. I said so in my original post.

PM incoming...