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Can log in, topped up €20, but didnt receive free internet


Can log in, topped up €20, but didnt receive free internet



This is not for my account, but for my friend's account, and is posting on behalf of her.


She cant log in to MyThree and receives the following messages


"Login Help

If you are having difficulties logging in, please click here and enter your My3 Username and complete the password reset process to access your My3 account.If you have forgotten your Username please visit the login page and follow the onscreen instructions for Forgotten Username."


She already resetted her password multiply times (more than 5 times) but still cannot log in.


Further, she topped up recently for €20, but her account balance is showing €0, and is not able to connect to her mobile data, 


Please let me know how she should proceed to remediate her issues.


Thanks, and please let me know if you require any additional information.




3 Community Manager

@paolozz92 good morning John 👋 Is your friend logging in via the app or website. After 5 attempts the account is locked for a time. Did that happen?

Regarding the top-up and balance, what plan is your friend on? We have blogs about Prepay Plan Activation, Prepay Credit and some FAQ's. Have a look 👇 you might find your answer there.


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