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Charged - But No Topup?


Charged - But No Topup?

Hi All,

Yesterday I came online to Three website to send Credit to my Wife's mobile. Her usual monthly credit is €20.00.

When I applied and sent the credit to her number I got an error. Something like "Oops something went wrong, check your balance and if your not credited you won't be charged", or something to that nature. Well my wife checked her balance, nothing, and again today 20th Sept, and nothing. You can understand my surprise earlier today to find my bank account was charged €20 to 3 network, but as of now 02:15am on 21st Sept, my wife has not received any credit. Could someone from Three please explain why this is so??

Regards. . .

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Re: Charged - But No Topup?

Hi Zuphorian


Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like this is a pending transaction. This can happen where an online transaction fails so while the bank has reserved these funds for the top-up, we haven't received them. In this case, the funds should return to your bank within 3 - 10 working days (depending on the bank, most do this within 5 working days).


Hope this helps!




Re: Charged - But No Topup?

Hello Lisa,
I do understand that. But as of this morning that transaction has being paid from my bank account to 3. This is no longer a pending transaction "21 Sep 18 POS MIP*3IRELAND 19/09 1 €20.00". It has now gone through.

I also understand that this may be a shadow transaction, and that my account should be credited back in a couple of days if the transaction has not gone through on your end, (which as of now it hasn't). I shall wait a week to see if this is so. Thank You for replying to me so prompt.

Regards Marc

Re: Charged - But No Topup?


So it's now Oct 6, and as of now there has been no refund to my bank of the amount paid to three for credit 'not received'. That was 17 days ago.


I take care each month of the credit required for my family, at one stage that was €100 per month. So as you may surmise I watch my accounts very carefully.


Therefore I would like to know what steps Three will be taking to reimburse the payment of €20.00 made to them on the 19th of September.

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Re: Charged - But No Topup?

@Zuphorian  It's unusual that the transaction hasn't reversed as it normally does if it fails to apply to the number. I've replied to your PM there.