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Charged for 0kb of data


Charged for 0kb of data


Posted this in a different section of the community yesterday, reposting here after having found this section again:

€1.34 has come off my credit for 0kb of data.





While the three staff have been helpful in refunding me the €2 when this has happened in the past, on the most recent occassion in a PM I was told that the charges were correct, and basically, tough. I didn't have the time to continue to dispute back at the start of March, nor when it happened again once more since.


My phone was sitting on my desk unused. Data/roaming/location/everything is off. There are no APN settings on the phone. My recent app usage showed an hour since the last app was used. I got a text to say my balance was low, and when I checked, I found the above.


Here are some threads of much the same thing happening to other people in the past, I'm sure there are more to be found:


I would like to be refunded for each time this has happened that I have not been refunded for.

I would like to know exactly what data I have been charged for.


Various agents have proposed that mobile data be turned off on my account at their end, but this suggestion does not work for me. I prefer to keep that option available without having to contact the three staff to turn it on again. I wish to stop having credit taken from my account without my having initiated it.