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Credit Use Explained

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Credit Use Explained


For a full breakdown of your credit use, log in to your My3 account and click View Events under Top Used Allowances to see what your credit has been used for.


Plan Activation

Many of our prepay plans require a top up to activate your plan benefits. For example, if you have moved to our 3 Prepay 20 plan, a €20 top up is required to activate your plan benefits (unlimited texts, unlimited Three calls, All You Can Eat data and more).


For example: if you top up by €20, your account will be debited €20 to activate your plan. Your balance will then be €0. If you still require credit on your account for additional usage (e.g. 3Pay services or voicemail) we recommend topping up by less than your plan activation amount (e.g. €5/10/15) or purchasing one our great boosters.


Please note: if you top up by €20 before 28 days is up, your plan will re-activate and your remaining allowances at the time of top-up will not carry forward.


Recurring Add-Ons and Boosters

If you have a recurring add-on or booster, this will reapply each month and the charge will be taken from your credit. We'll text you beforehand to let you know that the cost will be taken from your credit.


Data Charges

You may be charged for data use if a) your All You Can Eat data plan has expired and you have not topped up to re-activate your plan or b) if you have used up your data allowance (this applies to prepay plans without All You Can Eata data).


For information on data pricing, visit and select your plan for pricing information.


Roaming and International Charges

If you are using your phone outside Ireland, you may be charged for calls, texts and data. Check out for more info on roaming charges.


Similarly, if you use your phone to call or text a non-Irish number, you may be charged for these calls and texts depending on your plan.


Premium Rate Services

Premium rate services are any calls or texts from private companies which cost more than the standard rate. Examples of premium services include TV voting (e.g. The X Factor), text charity donations, competitions (e.g. The Late Late Show) and other entertainment services. These types of calls and texts are not included in our prepay plan allowances and will use up your credit.


Visit Premium Rate Services for more information. For a full breakdown of charges for premium rate services, see Three’s Price Guide.


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