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Dashboard Offer Issue


Dashboard Offer Issue

Hi there,


When I web log in, my dashboard shows that there are three offers I can get: Move to be free Talk, Be Free Intnl and Intl 60 mins.


I got the Move to be Free offer before and wanted to try out the Intl 60 mins. First time I applied was on 2nd of April> I got a message your Offer will be applied within 48 hours, 3 days later - nothing has been added. I tried again, I got the same: 'Offer will be applied within 48 hours' on Thursday, again nothing has been added. I then contacted the Live Chat, who told me they have to check with the technical team as the dashboard offers are unavailable on their side. This was again a couple of days ago.


I am just wondering why this offer is displayed on my dashboard when it seems it is unavailable? This is misleading.


Has anyone had any similar experience?


Re: Dashboard Offer Issue

Hi Jordana 👋 I'd like to take a look at that for you. Can you pop me a PM with your mobile number, address and date of birth and we'll see what's going on? Ashlee