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Data roaming not working


Data roaming not working


I have data roaming enabled on my phone, its showing the 4G symbol but doesn't seem connecting to the Internet.

It'll work if I select 3G for data usage, but won't work if I select 4G.

I've topped up and I'm well within data limits. Any ideas what could be up?

What country are you in?


I work in southern Ireland so I've a southern number, but live in northern ireland and use the data roaming there.

@CGHolmes Hi there 👋 do you notice this only when you're roaming? I'm wondering if you're in a 4G coverage area when testing this? The more info I have the better so let me know and we'll go from there 👌



Hi @Three_Laur , Thanks for replying.


Yeah, seems to be only when I'm roaming. I can pick up 4G no bother when I'm at work in the South, but when I head home to the North I have to set the phone to 3G in order to get my data roaming to work.


I'm based in a city so should be covered for 4G I reckon. 


I changed my phone last week, so it's prob some setting I've not sorted out right!

@CGHolmes So you've only noticed this since you changed your phone? What's the make and model of your new phone? Be sure to check out DeviceSupport for fantastic interactive phone guides too!






@Three_Laur ,


It's a Samsung A52.

@CGHolmes Nice phone choice! So, you've only noticed this since you started using the A52? Was 4G working ok on your previous phone? If you're not sure could you test your SIM in the previous phone to see the next time you're roaming?



Yeah, I'd no bother before getting the 4G on the previoius phone.

@CGHolmes Ok, let me reach out to our Devices team to see if they've heard of this before. Leave it with me and I'll be back as soon as I have news