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Double charged for data (again)


Double charged for data (again)

I have a recurring €5 28 Day 500mb data plan on prepay. This morning, this €5 charge was applied. However, a €2 DayPass was also charged this morning. Can you please refund this €2 charge? Chat support is not currently available.


By the way, this has happened several times in the past, each time requiring me to contact Three Chat to fix. I'm a bit sick of repeatedly having to deal with this. Can the automatic €2 DayPass be permanently disabled?  


I've managed to get through to 3Chat and have this charge reversed (again).


Can the automatic €2 DayPass be disabled?

Another month goes by, and Three double charges yet again. Another 30 minutes wasted  with "customer support" trying to reverse the charge. 


And still no response on here.

3 Community Manager

@gsim Hi there, all our contact platforms are experiencing high volumes resulting in higher wait times. Your 3Community is a fabulous platform for interacting with other 3Community members, to share tips and advice. However, if you need further support, remember that your Mods are here to help you and you'll need to send us a PM with your details ( full name, number, address and date of birth) Meet the Mods