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Double topped up by Three's automated error


Double topped up by Three's automated error

On Sunday 24th I tried to top up by €20, auto response was that it was unsuccessful, try again later.

I tried immediately afterwards this time successfully topping up BUT I now had 53.99 in my account, (already had €13.99 remaining) meaning I was topped up by €20 TWICE...

Can u arrange it that my account is topped up by Three next month (using the extra €20 which was taken in error) and because of the inconvenience caused can I ask that Three also credit me a months' top-up after that (March)?
Thanks, hope to hear soon
3 Moderator

@Unhappy Hi there, that's not ideal. Tell me, how were you topping up? Did you happen to check your balance after the first top-up? Had the credit applied at that stage or was there a delay? Let me know and we'll go from there 👍



Hello again,

It's due that I top up again today BUT I still have not resolved the double
top up issue from last month.

So, in order to not waste another €20 from a mistake that was made by
Three's automated system I would like to have my refund applied to me in
the next 24 hours please.

To reply to your questions:

I topped up by automated phone system, using my debit card

Yes I did check my balance after first too up - UNSUCCESSFUL the system said
No the credit had not applied therefore I tried to top up again but then
after discovered Three system took my €20 TWICE totalling €40.
These two transactions took place within maximum two minutes apart, as I'm
sure your system will show.

Look forward to my reimbursement, I NEED IT within 24 hrs LATEST

Thank you

@Unhappy Hi there, thanks for the information. Can you pop us a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth? We'll keep an eye out for you 👌