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Hotspot causing GPRS charges


Hotspot causing GPRS charges


I set up the €15 plan and today tried to use my phone as a hotspot. There were recurring €6.06 GPRS charges that wiped out my entire balance. I still have 40% left on the data plan, should it not have used that?



3 Community Manager

@leydar This is a strange one and I'd like to look into this for you. Can you tell me how long you are on 3Prepay 15 and what time you topped up? 


Hi Deborah

I switched from the €20 a month unlimited data to the 3 Prepay 15 on 1st April. I topped up €15 on the 2nd at 08:07 and the charges started rolling in from 10:10. I got the confirmation text at 08.07. At €6.06 every six seconds the balance dropped pretty quickly.


I switched because I was accumulating too large a balance in the account 🙂 I need unlimited data but I rarely use voice or text. Do you have a data only plan?

My balance has now bounced to €3.99 for some reason.





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@leydar Thanks a mill for the extra information. All the data usage in your screenshot is way less than 1GB supplied in your plan ( data-only plans are for broadband) . I'm as curious as you are 🤔 This needs further investigation. Can you send me a PM with your details 👉 name, number, address and date of birth?


By the way, have you used your data since and is it being deducted from your allowance? 


I haven't used the data since. The balance was under €2 so I switched it off. I'm happy to switch it back on and try if that would be useful. I'll PM you the information.


In the absence of a data only plan, is there any other way of using phone credit?

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@leydar I see you're PM and will pop back there soon. Yes please, switch the data back on and let me know what happens.

You can use your extra credit on PlayStore 👍



The playstore eh? Interesting. Perhaps I've an errant app syphoning off credit! Hmm, looks like nope. Good suggestion though.



The 98mb I tested with yesterday showed up in the Unbilled Events list (with no charge) and was deducted from my data plan usage stats. Is it possible that because the balance comprised multiple bonus credits that they expired when I switched plans?



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@leydar thanks a million for doing testing the data again. It's very insightful. Your suggestion regarding your credit is logical, but it's not the case here. Expired credit "drops off" your balance whereas we clearly see that the data was charged for. 

I've checked your account and your new plan was in place at the time of your top-up and your top-up activated the allowances in the plan. I see no reason as to why you were charged for data while you have an existing data allowance. This will definitely need to be investigated by our tech team in case I've overlooked something.


Thank you for your commitment and candor 🙂