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Moving From Pre-Pay To Bill Pay

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Moving From Pre-Pay To Bill Pay

Hi Folks,


I have been with O2 since 2002 and not using my number past many years. My number has a top up of €270/- and I am not using the top up.  O2 didn't had any problem but this three has a problem and I received a text that my number will be de-activated if I don't use the credit or top up. Wonderful folks you don't want to loose a cent but you want your loyal customers to loose a Credit of around €270/- very good customer service isn't ?.


Now below questions from me:


a) I didn't sign up to three terms and conditions and signed up to O2 terms and conditions please.

b) Three didn't inform me about the change of terms of contract and didn't propose any options to migrate to their new structure as part of o2-Three merger. O2 customers are taken for granted?.

c) There is no option online for customers to upgrade from Pre-pay to Bill-pay earlier which O2 had.

d) Your 1913 number is a joke. It is not friendly and no customer care executive call transfer. Pl. remove it

e) You don't have a chat support like EIR and other vendors.

f) Your website support is far from being near to address any customer query.

d) Lastly, What are options for me so that I can use up the credit. I am ok with SIM ONLY Plans also.


Pl. Feel free to call me on my number. I can PM. No satisfatory options I might need to knock the door of COMREG .


Thanks and Regards,


3 Staff

Hi there, can you PM your number, address and DOB please so I can look into this for you. We have chat support at . Karen