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Number porting failed


Number porting failed



I’m trying to purchase a new bill phone online but when I opt to keep my number, it says that my number can not be ported. I am currently a three prepay customer. 

"this number cannot be port in try a different number"
Looking forward to any solutions or assistance you can provide me with


@Laura05 Aahhh! Okay, you need to log into My3. Using a laptop or PC, go to  and when you see your dashboard, if you are interested in a SIM-only plan, you need to select "move from Prepay to Billpay" however, if you want to go for a contract with a phone, you need to select "upgrade device" then "plans" and select which one you want. 


pre to bill.PNG




When I follow those steps all it does is give me the option of buying prepay! I want to go from prepay to bill pay with a phone and keep my original number.  I don't understand why it is so difficult for me to keep my number? 


When I clicked on manage plans it said that I couldn't change or modify due to my phone number. I have had the same number for the past 8-10 years so I don't understand why it is so difficult! I have spoken with so many customer care employees, through instant chat, twitter and this..and I keep getting different advice!


please PLEASE help. 

@Laura05 Can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you select "upgrade device" then "plans"? 

To upload a photo, you'll need to be on the desktop version of 3Community.

Can you tell me what plan and phone you're interested in? 


Same mistake, I'm trying buy a pre paid plan, and it shows the message "number porting failed"
3 Community Manager

@Annap Hello 👋Lets take a look at this for you. You say you are trying to buy a Prepay plan, are you currently on Bill pay and changing to Prepay or on Prepay and changing plan? At what stage are you getting this message? Post a screenshot if possible 👍