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Prepay plan does not activate allowances after topping up


Prepay plan does not activate allowances after topping up


I'm hoping that someone can help me here as I couldn't connect to the support chat.

I use prepay plan for 20 euro. Since my previous top up expired, I topped up through the website 10 euro to reactivate the data allowance 2 days ago (I thought I might have some amount left in the balance). Then the next day I got a message that my balance is low and data was disabled. I checked and my balance was close to zero. I topped up 2 x 10 euro again and now the balance was showing as around 21euro but the next day the same repeated - data ran out, as well as balance... When I go to "see all allowances" page I see the first bar for Data in ROI showing as green with infinity symbol, all the rest of the allowances show as expired...

How come the 30 euro top up did not activate my prepay plan and unlimited data this time?

I lost all 30 euro in 2 days by trying to use the mobile data. I didn't have this issue before, so I was wondering if it's a bug or it's due to the fact that I did 3 separate top ups x 10euro rather than 20euro at once. 

Can I be refunded / compensated for this and have my plan reset again? I don't want to top-up another 10-20 euro just to lose it in a day...


Thank you.




I received the offer via email and I did it online and spoke with an agent. The offer was only valid for a few months and then when I went to go back to my plan I discussed it with an agent again via web messaging. I was informed it was fixed and that my €20 plan is now reactivated but now I see it was not the same plan I was on and that was never made clear at the time by 3 otherwise I would never have switched to the advertised “deal”.
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@claire Pop me a PM with your details 👉 phone number, full name, address and date of birth. Once I have this info I can access your account and request copies of the conversations that you had with our Web Messaging team 👌 We'll take it from there then 👍




I have sent a PM.

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@claire Thanks for that, I see your PM and will pop back to you there 👌