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Re-occurring text bundle charge that I can't cancel.


Re-occurring text bundle charge that I can't cancel.

Hi, I previously sought support for this problem and I was given the reference number 2988751.


The problem remains unresolved.


I have a monthly reoccuring €5 charge for a 100 text bundle that can not cancel. Logging into my3 account i can see that i have 100/100 texts remaining from a bundle but if I look at my add-ons there is no bundle to cancel. I tried to cancel by text but again it says I have no bundle to cancel. I am being charged €5 every month for a bundle i do not want or use.


This has been going on for months. If this is not resolved soon I will be forced to switch to another network.


Thanks in advance,



3 Community Manager

@Pat , this isn't something we like hearing, and I'd hate to lose you as a valuable customer. Also, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  I want to look into this investigation for you and catch myself up. Can you send me a PM with your mobile number, full name, address and date of birth? That way I'll be able to access your account.