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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

I noticed recently that my credit had been going down at a much faster rate than usual, and after checking my usage I see repeated charges of €2 for "internet" despite me never turning mobile data on. Only in emergencies do I use mobile data, 99% of the time the I'm on wifi when using the internet or anything data-related on my phone.


These charges don't occur every day, for example I've been charged the last 3 days in a row but not the day before that (and yes I had credit then) and the times are sporadic, mostly when I wouldn't be using the phone, i.e. 2am, 6am... completely random.


I turned my phone off deliberately last night and saw I was still charged €2 an hour afterwards, so it's not like some spurious app has bypassed any settings, it's being taken directly from my account for no reason. Can someone help?

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@Anonymous We would hate to lose you as a customer. Is there anything else we can do for you? 

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Hi Karen,


Three have not been helpful. I was being charged for data that I did not use. I had my data turned off at my end but I was still being charged and it ended up with me being riped off over 30 euro.

That is unexceptable.

In the end, my data had to be turned off at your end, and that brought the charges to a stop.

So now, if I want to use mobile data, I can't, because it is turned off at your end now.

This is of no use to me.






I'm sorry you've had this experience, it's not what we want for our customers. If there's anything else you need from us please don't hesitate to contact us here. 

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Did you get a refund? My wife got a new y5ii and we had data turned off. Only use internet at home and had sync turned off and the phone still ate all her credit. Everytime we order a new phone from the three store we have this problem in some different form. Its disgraceful. We have never had the problem with three on unlocked phones from Aldi or Google Nexus phones.

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what is the solution to this problem? This problem only occurs on three mobiles from three, not on Aldi Medion or on Google phones? Please post the full solution (three moderator solution) to the forum.

@Anonymous Could you explain in more detail what's going on with your wife's credit. Can you PM your details (number, address and DOB) please and we can certainly look into this for you. Karen 

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She is probably ringing again at the moment about the issue. For such a
simple issue that has been noted on your forum over 1 month ago, there
should at least be a fix presentable to any caller regarding this issue.

The phone has sync turned off and data turned off completely, but she is
receiving a €2 charge at 12:30am since she started using the phone in
the past few weeks. But then when she rang three she was told there must
be an app on the phone that is eating her data. This cannot be correct
since she has synced the same apps used on her older Medion P4502 which
she was using beforehand. The Medion phone suffered from no such
problems. She was total that having 4G turned on would not be an issue.
I told her how to configure her phone from the offset so there should be
no problem with it. I've looked at the setting and they all look fine.
And I've worked in telecomms for years so I've a good idea how the whole
thing works.

Is there a possibility that there is a push messaging system in place
related to that she doesn't know about? I can't think of any
other possible explanation for the problem.

What upsets me more is that she and I and now my kids are customers of
o2 and three for years and yet three wouldn't provide her with a refund
for tiny amounts of data being used that three can't verify as being
from a particular source. I don't actually understand the mentality
behind this. Surely you would like to reward your customers in some way
when they are reliable payees?

You've posted your details publicly so I have hidden them. Can you send them through a private message please? Do you have access to your bills? You can access these through your My3 account. As the account is in your wife's name I can only discuss the details with her. She can contact us through here on her own account or else through facebook or twitter. 

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how did I put the details up publically if I replied to you through thunderbird? you must be joking? You asked me to reply to the email so I did reply not using your online interface.

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My wife was basically told that she was lying. Please do some data analytics on peoples usage before your customer service starts accusing people of not telling the truth.