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Scheduled top up went through twice


Scheduled top up went through twice

I do a scheduled top up 20 euro per month. I haven't changed this for months. I got the usual text "thanks for topping up using Recurring top-up service" but two 20 euro transactions came out of my account rather than 1. Can I be refunded the extra 20 euro?

3 Community Manager

@Laurann Hello and welcome to 3Community 👍 Oh that's strange! Let's take a look. Tell me, have both transactions 'completed' when you check your banking online? Also, when you check on My3 do you see 2 top-ups? Let me know and we'll go from there 👌


Hi there are 2 transactions on my 3 account and on my AIB account 1 is
pending and 1 is completed. But the money is gone from my account.
Many thanks
3 Community Manager

@Laurann I'm guessing the 'pending' charge will drop off completely, give it a day or two and let me know how it goes 👍 If it doesn't, pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth 👍