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Three Billing breakdown removed from My3 App and Website


Three Billing breakdown removed from My3 App and Website

Following various issues with three billing(3 Billing not working with Google Play Store AGAIN!) , it was good to see it working as supposed to and being able to keep track of the amount being spent on it via the App, albeit in a rudimentary way via a cumulative balance under extra charges under DEFCC(Data & Entertainment) - see attached image(the €3.99 DEFCC charge is a movie rental on Google Play). This has now been removed from the app and I cannot find any way to keep track of these charges via the website. It is perplexing that we can see a statement of call charges for a few cents but not for larger purchases such as movie rentals, books, games etc.


What is the reason for the removal of this, and when can we have a method to follow these purchases reinstated?






@Three_Deborah lol, well I think my eye roll suggests that yes you may. As it was when I realised it was a fault with Android.

As for the App, the extra charges(DEFCC) are showing again, although as before, with no running total, however I haven't yet made multiple purchases in each category, calls, app store purchases etc. Maybe @dakaryellow has more info on that. Obviously, there's no way to look back over last month etc, which would be handy.

Thanks for your help again.

I have no purchases this month so far, last month's are all cleared now but looked like any I made were there (granted I think I only had 3 entries). Some way to be able to see past months would be really fantastic though

Thank you both. I'm going to pop into PM for a brief moment.


@Saturn @dakaryellow 

@Saturn and @dakaryellow 


Hello there, did you both have a relaxing Easter? Maybe even bought a few items on Play Store 😎 From what I can tell the DEFCC total charges are in working order. I have taken your suggestions to our future developments team and a breakdown of these charges are being taken into consideration. This is a good news story for 3Community and I will follow it it. It might not be tomorrow or next week but I'll follow this up 💪


@Three_Deborah Yes, it seems to be working as it was before it disappeared, so thanks for getting it back working. Of course, it would be great to see the DEFCC breakdown and not have it disappear/reset every month, some way to see the last few months spend would be great, so that the running total of prepay credit can be reconciled with purchases and we know where we are then. Thanks again.

@Three_Deborah Same here, all appears good. Hope you enjoyed your few days off!