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Top-up allowances lost

Top-up allowances lost



I have tried time and again to request support, but the phone service always has hours of queueing, and the chat functionality do not seem to work (you guys REALLY need to fix some of the website issues, it is barely usable).


The thing is, when I enabled automatic top-up I made a mistake, and so two topups were done on my account on the same month. Before when I topped up before my allowances ran out, the topup allowances would be queued until the current allowances expired, but this time it was just lost. I pressume it had something to do with all the account migration; which by the was was super messy (I had to start the migration process a couple of times, and I still have trouble logging in some times).


So now it happens that I paid an extra 20 quid back in february, but I never got the all-you-can-eat data, and now Three wants me to pay an extra 20, or accept the absolutely outrageous rates of 1EUR per MB of data, which honestly should be enough for me to stop being a customer, because it is a total ripoff. I am not able to get any kind of customer support, and I can't even use my accumulated credit (I have over 100 EUR in credit from unused top-up credit) to buy a data package.. Can I get a person to look at this?


I also noticed that with the recent upgrade of the online services, the top-up credit that before was unlimited now is time limited [6 months?] ... That another nice surprise we have to keep up with ... 


Goodbye Three! you might have lost a customer ... I will now consider other operators where to move to ... 


Ciao! Luca

3 Community Manager

@NightTsarina Hello there, we are experiencing high volumes of queries right across all our platforms which has resulted in higher wait times. In saying that, one of your Mods here will check this out for you. All you need to do is send us a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth 👌

@Luca I'm sorry to see you go Smiley Sad I can't change the expiry dates on top-up credits. But do remember, we have All You Can Eat Data on Prepay, and now a whole new range of Prepay plans too. And of course, we have 3Plus full of online discounts and competitions. I hope you change your mind. 

So I want to make everyone aware that Three is telling me that I will lose that top-up allowance because I made a mistake and topped up twice in a row. The only option I have is to use for calls and data off-plan, which is charged at a robbery rate of 1 EUR per megabyte, as if we were still in 2001.


I am tired of this company: shocking roaming support, poor coverage in Ireland, website that never works, impossible-to-reach customer support, and always trying to get stupid money out of me. This is the last straw, tomorrow I start looking for a new provider.


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