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Top up doesn't apply any credit to account anymore?


Top up doesn't apply any credit to account anymore?

had to change for a short term to the €30 a month plan as i needed to make any network calls for work. I changed back to the €20 after the month. Now when you top up with 20 you get the any network texts, data and 3 to 3 calls but you don't actually get the €20 credited to your account anymore?


Is this correct. Doesn't say that anywhere in the plan as I look at it now, or at least not obviously. It was the older €20 plan I had, but out of necessity changed it short term.


This means that I have these included plans, but 0 credit, so can't check voicemail as that's a chargeable call? 


Trying to reply and for 'some reason' I can't. I'm in the same boat and VERY UNHAPPY, Weepsie.

3 Community Manager

@Weepsie Hi there 👋 It sounds like you changed from 3Pay to 3 Prepay 30 and then when changing back 3Pay was unavailable as it's now a legacy plan so you then changed to 3 Prepay 20. On 3 Prepay 20 each time you top-up by €20 or more €20 is deducted for your price plan benefits, take a look at All about: Prepay Plan Activation. Tell me, when did you make the changes to your plans? When a plan is a legacy plan it's no longer possible to change to it.


@CMW I've replied to your post over here 👉 click here.



Yeah it didn't as doesn'y say that in the terms on the site. Basically reads like 3 don't want people using leftover credit for anything. 


What sort of plan doesn't allow for checking voicemail without any sort of extra charges. It's nonsense. The changes were only made in February as a large number of phone calls had to be made for work, so the 30 plan was the only one to cover them, reverted back to what was the closest plan but instead it's basically a lite version at best.


Had it said you keep no credit, I wouldn't have bothered changing, as it is used for other things, and in situations where credit is needed. 

@Weepsie Hi there, I get your frustration and I've doubled checked the t/&c's on our website on your behalf. 👉Prepay T&C's Your plan 3Prepay 30 is laid out on page 4. Have a look at point 8 👌


I've been with Three for quite some time now, and voicemail has never been included in our 3Prepay plans. In saying that, maybe this is something our future development team can look at when reviewing Prepay boosters 



And that is clear as mud Deborah. It's worded in such a way to not make it clear that the it you are not keeping the credit as has hsitorically been the credit.

I know voicemail has not been included in any plans, but you've always kept the credit and been able to use that to do so. This is a wholly underhand way of removing services and trying to force people to the more expensive plan or have to top up outside of their 20.

This is what it says in point 8
When you Top Up by €20 or more in one transaction the Plan will activate. This €20 charge
will apply each time you Top Up by €20 or more in one transaction.

This is what it says earlier


You must Top Upby €20 or more in one go to trigger the Plan by means of any of the methods made
available by Three from time to time and may thereafter use the Service for a certain fixed
period as advised by Three from time to time



Now it's nowhere clear in thes T&Cs that you do not keep that 20 and as I said, it's underhand. It's only a cursory , and woefully unclear line that it gets referred to as a charge despite it not being called so in any of the precursory information. 

I would never have changed the plan in the first place if that was the case.