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Top up errors and overcharged.


Top up errors and overcharged.

Hi there,

I’ve been encountering many issues with topping up lately, whether it’s getting double charged or my plan not activating or my account not having received the credit when my bank was charged.
I’ve contacted 3 multiple times via web chat and phone call and have been sent links that don’t work or unclear directions so I figured I’d post in the forum here regarding getting a refund.
Initially I tried to top up in July using My3 account but it had logged me into my discontinued prepay mobile broadband rather than my mobile and I had accidentally topped the broadband up by 20 (my fault I admit) but I was charged twice for the top-up, a total of 40. The first person I discussed this with over the chat told me that I could get a refund of the 40 if I posted my bank report to a support link that the sent over, but when i tried to click on the link it redirected me out of the chat to an error 404 page. After being logged out of the chat I couldn’t recover the link or discussion.
I then tried to talk with a second person, either over the chat or phone, who then gave me a different story after checking with his supervisor a few times, and said that once the money is in the account it can’t be recovered. This was obviously frustrating and a little suspect but I thought that it might be too much of an uphill battle to sort out so i let it go, and just topped up normally.

NOw recently a similar thing has happened which everything on my side has been done correctly. I was charged for a top-up out of my bank account but my plan didn’t activate and after talking on the helpline the agent said that 3 had received no funds from the bank and that I had to ask for a refund via the same way that I was told before, which as I mentioned didn’t work. I’ve asked around with friends with three and some have reported similar issues, where they would have to top-up twice, often resulting in losing the initial 20 euro since the refund is so awkward to get.
At the end  Of the day all i have is my business and considering this is now 60 euro that I’ve wasted on 3 I’m willing to leverage it and I’ll very happily leave three if I don’t get a full refund. So I’m asking if there is someone I can talk to or a functioning link that I can use to send my bank reports to obtain the refund.
Thank you and all the best.

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3 Community Admin

@Elliot1 Oh no, that's not what we like to hear 😢 Let's take a look at this for you. To get the ball rolling, send me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth along with the dates of the top-ups in question. I'll keep an eye out for it 👍