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Top up not applied using AIB app


Top up not applied using AIB app

Hi there. I tried topping up my credit this morning using the My3 app. The app claimed the top up failed, however, the transaction is pending on my AIB bank app.

I got my wife to top up my credit again later on using her online banking app. The €20 top up was taken from the account but was never applied to my phone. Can this be resolved as soon as possible please?


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Hi all,

thanks for sharing your experiences here. In general, failed transactions, ones that leave your bank account, and don't reach us, get turned around and back to your bank account. This normally takes 7 working days. If you'd like me to check this out for you and haven't done so already, please send me a PM with your full name, number, address, and date of birth. 


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Im here looking for answers to the same. Topped up with AIB this morning, money gone from account but i got a message saying top up not successful.

Same here, topped up my wife's prepay and got message to say sorry your top up request could not be processed due to a system problem. Please try again later.

Brutal customer service- chat useless 

Have sent in a complaint  

Hi all, our tech team became aware that some customers were having difficulty with prepay top-up services on Friday the 26th and this has since been restored 💪 Can you all check your bank account to see if your top-up transaction is pending or completed? 


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Hi Deborah


I have had the same issue as the guys above. The transaction had shown as completed on the banks side (And still is shown as completed with the money debited out of my account) and I received the standard text from three to say that Top up was successful. 


How can we proceed with getting a refund for the failed topup from Three?

@Shane3 Hi Shane, did you end up topping-up twice in this case? Can you send me a PM with your details and I'll have a look at the account to see if we've received both top-ups? 

No €20 top up last Friday still not credited to my phone

My husband put through a top up for €20 on Friday from my bank account online which did not credit to my phone- the bank confirmed to him that it went out.

After Friday banking hours he put through a top up of €10 from his current account and then a further top up of €20 also from his bank account through online banking. Both these went through fine and are reflected in my Three Balance.

However the first one put through on Friday for €20 from my bank account is still unaccounted for and has not been credited to my Three balance.

This really is stressing me out and I need closure. The Bank say the funds left their system/ my account so they must be with Three-as you are the ones who sent the message about a problem.

Can you please look into and clarify for me

Kind regards
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Exact reply i got, got talking today to an agent and they said its not
showing on their side so it must be a bank error.
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Hi deborah my top up is showing as a completed transaction in the bank. Thanks for replying