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Topped up the incorrect number

Topped up the incorrect number



I topped up the incoorect number online and would like to transfer the credit to the the correct number. Would you be able to help me do this?


Many thanks,




Send a PM to a mod with your account details and they maybe able to help you

I am new to this forum, how do I identify a moderator to get in touch with ?

Their ID will start with   Three i.e. @Three_Laur 

@billbond4 Thanks a million for helping @Ciaran_Mongey with sending a PM. @Ciaran_Mongey I see that @Three_Laur has pick this up for you. Mistakes happen, and if the number you topped up accidentally is inactive, the transaction is declined, however, if it's an active number, it's a different story, but I'll see what I can do, no promises though 😉