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Unable to topup online via My3


Unable to topup online via My3

I have a prepay €20 pcm sim that's registered for online management via My3

I seem unable to schedule auto collection of the €20 via the "schedule Top-Up" feature in My3

I can register a valid visa card just fine, but when I enter the schedule, i.e Me, every 28 days and payment starting on the 15th March (which is when my current balanced expires) the confirm button just vibrated and leaves me sitting on the page with no success or error message being displayed. If I go back to the main menu the "schedule Topup" option is still possible which suggests it didn't work.


Any ideas ? I really don't want to have to go to a store given the current circumstances.

3 Moderator

@Sheila__Dunne Hi there, welcome to 3Community 👋 Tell me, have you just recently registered your Visa card? If so, you'll need to complete a once-off top-up before you can schedule future top-ups. On March 15th pop onto My3, top-up and then you can complete the set up of the schedule top-up 👌 It'd be great if you popped back here to let us know how it goes 👍


It was an expired card and was subsequently re-added. My3 might be thinking its a new card rather than checking my payment history.


Anyhow I'll do as you suggest and try to remember to report back.


Thanks for your help