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Unlocking phone for other network


Unlocking phone for other network

Two days ago I requested to have my phone unlocked so I could switch my sim.

My phone is still locked and I can not change the sim. My existing three sim is now no longer working and my three account is shown as 'No Active Customer or Subscriptions were Found'.

How can I get my sim unlocked asap please?


3 Community Admin

@Darren5 Hi there. From your post, I'm guessing you've moved your number to another network and as your phone is locked it won't accept your new SIM card, is that correct? Different phone manufacturers have different wait times for unlocking codes, have you heard anything since you posted here yesterday? If not, what make is your phone? All about: Unlocking your phone or router  will give you the details on the wait times so be sure to check that out too 👍