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Webtext not working


Webtext not working

Tried this morning and also this afternoon, just getting "server error" message

Tried my smart phone and PC

Hi guys, our tech team are aware some customers are receiving errors on webtexts. They are on this at the moment and are working to have full services up and running as soon as possible. Thank you all for your feedback on this.

Hi guys, I have just received an update from our tech team about this. When you log into your webtexts now you will receive an option to import your contacts. When you select “yes” your contacts will be updated.

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Thanks for that Kelly/tech team, seems to be back to the way it was.
Any chance viewing the sent messages will be brought back?

There is no plan in place for this at the moment but if this changes I'll let you know 👍

Hi Icion,
I think your missing the message.

Whatever about the format of the New / Revised Webtext facility, it is not
suitable for purpose.
Its a half baked feature which does not deliver and I cannot understand why
3 introduced it without the previous functionality.
It beggars belief, that 3 would release this ' upgrade' without proper
functionality that customers have become accustomed to using.
If it works - Don't mess with it - 3 messed with it & made a hames of it.
And then they have the nerve to deflect criticism by saying these features
will be 'considered' in future developments !!!

Thats a complete cop out & those involved in 3 need to be accountable.

Specifically - Why was a proper functioning version of Webtext not

Happy Christmas to you.
I'm looking forward to my holidays in the summer.


its typical if it was a service you had to pay for it would be resolved and not off for a week

Hi Gerrcar, our team are continuing to work on this. I'll come back to you when I have an update. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. Deb 

Its obvious the restoration of this service is not a priority for 3 - given
its off air for 2weeks now. Then again its free, so no great surprise - but
it is a service provided by other networks & they don't seem to experience
ongoing problems like 3 ate experiencing.

When os it 'expected,' service will be restored & what is the problem ?


The webtext service is very bad for weeks and there doesn’t seem any rush
to put it back working again, I am complaining but it doesn’t seem to be

Thanks for the update but this service is really needed especially coming
up to the Christmas season