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What happened to my credit?


What happened to my credit?


Now my balance is: 5.95.
What happened?

3 Community Manager

@ng1 Hello there, can you click into "view events"? When you're in there you'll see a few different tabs, can you check all of them? It will show you what has been charged to your number. I was in a similar situation, credit was way less than I expected, but when I checked the events, I realised I had bought a few books on Play Store plus donated to a charity. Let me know how you get on 😊


Thanks this audit was what I was looking for.


Of course my question now is why was I charged for this when I supposedly have unlimited data?



@Three_Deborahlooks like my "unlimited" data isn't being used. I'm just being billed as extra charges.

Alright so I think I know what happened: I tried to change from "3 Prepay" to "3 Prepay 20".

But it seems pretty explicit here "To replace the plan, click Confirm & Top Up. You will be directed to a top-up screen." the "Confirm & Top Up" specifically, I did not top up so I did not confirm my order so I do not expect my plan to be replaced. Anyway, I'll double check and go back to Usage and allowances... oh I still have my benefits (unlimited data, 100% voice, 100% text..). happy customer. Next thing I lose all my credit while under the assumption I have unlimited data. Not so happy customer.

I hope this isn't the reason and it's just an error otherwise I am switching provider.

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@ng1 Hello and good morning to you. I must admit this is one of the main reasons why I just love the 3Community. what you have explained above will help others. When you select to change plan and don't top up to confirm the order, your plan "sits" there in no-mans land between the new and the old, with no allowances activated. In saying that, I want to make sure this is the case with you. Can you send me a PM with your details so I can have access to your account? 


@NFH you might be interested in the above.